Microsoft Snaps Up TV Ad Firm


remotecontrol3.jpgADOTAS – Microsoft is still hoping to drive up revenue from advertising – and it’s scooped up the small(ish) Navic Networks, to help it tap into the roughly $70 billion spent on TV ads every year. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the company has raised about $43 million in funding rounds since its inception eight years ago.

Navic helps advertisers get targeted, interactive spots on cable television. The company’s ads are essentially overlays and are analogous to online video ads. They’re targeted by zip code and customers can click on the overlay if they more information on the products being shilled.

The company doesn’t currently have a presence online, and many industry observers speculate that Microsoft will not only use Navic to leverage the still-robust TV ad market, but also drag them online.

Google has already moved in that direction, allowing customers to buy TV ads through AdWords.

Microsoft will put Navic under its Advertiser and Publisher Solutions Group umbrella.


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