Hydra Unveils the (Free!) Amex Black of Networks


transparency_small.jpgADOTAS – Hydra Network, a performance-based online advertising network specializing in CPA, has announced the launch of a free, invitation-only, transparent network called Hydra Elite. The network could prove to be a boon for publishers and advertisers in the current economic climate.

The group will be comprised of a hand-picked group of Hydra’s largest-volume publishers in display, search and email channels; the company touts the network as the first-ever CPA program offering complete transparency across all major online channels.

“As the first-ever CPA network program offering 100% transparency across all major online channels, Hydra Elite promises to meet brand name advertisers’ demands for accountability with complete control,” Mason Wiley, the vice president of marketing at Hydra, told ADOTAS. “Advertisers can now take advantage of the cost control and predictable ROI of running on a performance-based CPA online ad network, without sacrificing control over where and how their brand appears. Providing advertisers will full transparency both before and after their campaigns are placed, Hydra Elite allows for full power and accountability in uncharted Web territories. Advertisers can know where ads will run before they run, ensure that consumer privacy is protected, and track results by publisher to assure traffic quality.”

Every publisher’s operating structure is put under the microscope before their inclusion in Hydra Elite. Privacy, traffic quality and compliance policies are all vetted. About two dozen publishers have joined, including MyPoints.com and Digital Moses.

“The fact that the campaigns will be from well-known brands and not widely available online, means higher response rates for publishers,” said Hydra COO Jason Walker, in a release. “Though membership in Hydra Elite is highly limited, ninety-seven percent of the Hydra publishers we recently surveyed indicated they wanted to participate.”

Hydra Network was founded in 2003; it distributes targeted campaigns on behalf of online advertisers through its network of Web display, search, subscriber email and contextual publishers.


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