Hitwise: Google Rocking Search Stats


google_recruiting_small.jpgADOTAS – Hitwise has just released search numbers for May. Google accounted for 68.29% of U.S. searches; Yahoo raked in 19.95%; MSN 5.89% and Ask.com 4.23%. The remaining 41 search engines accounted for about 1.63% of domestic searches.

Google’s search share was up 0.39% from April, while Yahoo’s dropped 0.33%, MSN’s sank 0.37% but Ask.com’s was up a whopping 0.06%.

Google is also dominating the vertical search category, according to Hitwise. For the health and medical category, 45.76% of all traffic came from search engine traffic in May, 30.86% from Google alone; travel-related sites got 34.81% of their traffic from search engines, 24.26% of which came from Google.


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