FM Unveils Toolbox To Monetize Social Ads


cashregister3.jpgADOTAS – “Getting beyond the click” to understand what increasingly cynical Web users want from ads is essential – especially in the social media universe. Federated Media, which runs the largest independent blog network, has unveiled a new tool to address the issue.

The Conversational Marketing Toolbox was introduced at to industry execs the Conversational Marketing Summit: New Brand Way in New York City today. The toolbox will attempt to provide an accurate set of campaign management, measurement and reporting tools to interactive marketers using the FM Network.

“One of the greatest barriers that we’ve seen for marketers in social media has been a general lack of standards and tools for campaign measurement and reporting,” said Debra Aho Williamson, analyst at eMarketer, in a released statement. “There are, of course, vendors who supply disconnected data points, but it has so far been up to the marketer to wade through this sea of data themselves. What is needed is a single device or methodology that aggregates relevant data in an easily digestible form.”

The suit of services is built on an open, scalable architecture used to collect, aggregate and report data from internal reporting, third-party tracking providers and social media application developers. That data is available on a dashboard that shows the delivery, engagement, amplification and equity marketing partners have told FM they need.

BuzzLogic is working with FM on the project to help them provide marketers with targeting data.

“Social media is different than traditional media – it’s … social,” BuzzLogic’s blog reads. “But, we know traditional ad models aren’t going to vaporize overnight. Instead, advertisers need to build on traditional measurement models and adapt to the social nature of the Web. Understanding the conversational landscape around an ad campaign makes a huge difference.”

Blogs within the FM network focus on a variety of themes for cars to parenting to entertainment; their superstars include BoingBoing, TechCrunch, Digg and Bleacher Report.


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