Adify Hands Crystal Ball to Advertisers


crystal-ball.jpgADOTAS – Adify can predict the future. The vertical ad network management company has announced a new Inventory Forecasting Module that will give publishers predictive insight into an advertising campaign’s success.

“We’re basically giving them a crystal ball so they can see what the inventory looks like and predict supply and demand,” Joelle Gropper Kaufman, Adify’s vice president of marketing and media operations, told ADOTAS. “There are now 120 vertical ad networks growing on Adify. Often, advertisers want to reach a unique audience, and this enables them to do that and forecast the results they’ll get.”

The forecasting module has several algorithms that address the variability in inventory levels that often occurs in vertical ad networks. Adify created the module in response to advertisers’ demands for increased reach into the long tail of the Web as more and more consumers dive into a constantly shifting and growing array of niche Web sites.

“Many advertisers want really tight, sophisticated geo-targeting,” Kaufman explained. “With our system, we can tell them exactly how many moms in Reno, NV, can be targeted with their ad – and while we can’t come up with more moms in Reno, we can show them how if we open it up to parents or women, how many more people will be see the ad.”

The three components of the forecasting model are: ad network forecasting (customized reports that identify gaps in supply and demand and forecast inventory based on ad size, location, type); site forecasting (reports on projected Web site impressions); campaign forecasting (predictions of how many impressions will be required for success).

Adify is an independent, wholly owned subsidiary of Cox TMI.


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