YouTube Unveils Buzz Targeting


crystalball1.jpgADOTAS – Wouldn’t it be dandy if you could look into a crystal ball and figure out which YouTube videos were going to “go viral” so you could slap your ad in their and get, like, the best ROI ever? Well, YouTube claims it’s cracked the code – no fortune teller necessary.

It’s called buzz targeting and Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt started the buzz last month in an interview with CNBC in which he said, “We believe the best [YouTube] products are coming out this year. And they’re new products … much more participative, much more creative…much more interesting in and of themselves.”

In a released statement, YouTube said its product and engineering team created “an algorithm that determines which YouTube partner videos are quickly becoming popular on the site and about to go viral. The algorithm looks at several factors, such as acceleration of views, favorites, and ratings activity, and then allows advertisers to target their ads specifically to these videos on YouTube.”

Lionsgate was the first advertiser to try the product in beta, using it to promote the release of the film “The Forbidden Kingdom.”

“With so many videos going viral on YouTube at any given time, buzz targeting allowed us to reach a very large, diverse audience,” said Danielle DePalma, director of Digital Media, Lionsgate. “By running ads against some of the most prominent content on the site, we were able to place our brand at the center of the experience that millions of people have on YouTube every day.”


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