P&G Thinks Outside of Idiot Box


jeans.jpgADOTAS – It’s no secret that up-front ad-selling will be hit hard while the economy continues to struggle. But Proctor and Gamble is taking the bull by the horns and completely revamping their strategy, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

This week, broadcast networks host their annual presentations to advertisers and reveal their fall schedules; networks typically sell about 75% of their ad inventory for the new season during this time. Media buyers, typically seen as the wet blankets of the ad world, have predictably predicted that marketers will cut spending on cars, retail, financial services and pharmaceuticals, the Journal reports.

Proctor and Gamble is joining the grim chorus: rumors abound that they will cut their overall ad spend by 10% this year, and roll the dice big time on interactive advertising.

Other companies are also thinking outside of the idiot box for ways to garner more revenue while spending less. Levi Strauss joined the YouTube viral advertising club with last week’s two-minute video that didn’t overtly mention Levi’s … but they are the stars of the video that basically involves stupid human tricks and  … jeans. Appropriately, it’s called “Guys backflip into jeans.” The video can be seen here.

Levi will post 10 videos in total on YouTube as part of its campaign that will also include TV and digital advertising, the Journal notes.


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