OneBigPlanet: From 0 to 25 Million in Six Months


topofworld.jpgADOTAS – OneBigPlanet is trying to make the world just a little bit smaller. The company recently announced the launch of a new Commerce and Loyalty Platform to help social networks tap into new revenue streams and fight the high turnover rates seen by most sites. In the next six months, the company hopes to finalize deals with social networks that represent between 20 and 25 million unique users.

In the next six weeks, OneBigPlanet will have launched about 15 communities, representing 2.5 million unique users, Eric Aubertin, OneBigPlanet’s president and CEO, tells ADOTAS.

The platform helps consumers, merchants and social networks, Aubertin argues. Altruistic instincts aside, (he invented online fund-raising with his first company,, which he sold in 2002), the communities his company focus on typically serve 20 to 50 year olds – people who are already well-versed in social networks and are increasingly interested in online transactions.

The new platform creates individual, specialized portals for social networks (and each user can personalize their portal from within the network). So each user can pick their favorite stores and Web sites – and also see what their friends have picked. And the deals that pop up on the portal will be tailored to their interests.

“We keep track of clicks,” Aubertin says. “So if you’re looking for a deal, we’ll be able to send you something you’re interested in – users only ads specifically targeted to their preferences. Consumers seem to love it because they can interact on their networks and save thousands of dollar a year at the same time.”

OneBigPlanet works with between 600 and 700 merchants, who can cherry-pick the sites they want to advertise on, maximizing their revenue and the usefulness for the sites and their users.

The networks partner with OneBigPlanet for three reasons, Aubertin says: acquisition (users are more likely to join a network with the platform’s added advantages); retention (users are less likely to leave the platform because of the deals they’re getting from the merchants); and revenue (the platform boasts 600 to 700 merchants that offer discounts for the consumer – and through an affiliate marketing partnership between the networks and OneBigPlanet, the social networks make money from every transaction that’s executed through the portal).

While he wouldn’t name names, Aubertin says OneBigPlanet is in talks with the “Big 5” social networks – and they’re getting traction.


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