Mobile Web Pumps Net Traffic 13%: Study


Iphone facebookADOTAS – The mobile Internet is driving traffic and extending the reach of many top Web sites by 13% over home PC traffic alone, the Nielsen Company reports. Predictably, topics that be can quickly grasped on small screens – like weather and entertainment – are seeing the highest boosts (roughly 22%).

Nielsen gathered its data from TotalWeb, a new report that integrates data from Nielsen Mobile and Nielsen Online to analyze unique viewership at more than 200 Web sites.

According to the data, the average online lift from mobile Web by category is: Weather, 22%; entertainment, 22%, games, 15%; music, 15%; e-mail, 11%; sports, 10%; business/finance, 4%; social networking, 3%; search, 2% and shopping/auctions, 1%.

About 87 million U.S. mobile users subscribe to mobile Internet services of which 13.7% actively uses the mobile Internet each month.



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