Microsoft Exec Jumps to Startup Media6°


girlglass.jpgADOTAS – A senior executive at Microsoft has left the software titan to join Media6°, a New York-based startup that provides unique analytics and insights to help interactive advertisers find new revenue streams in social media. Joe Doran has been named founding chief executive officer at Media6°; at Microsoft, he was the general manager of advertising strategy and product management for Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions.

Media6° uses patent-pending algorithms to produce audience analytics based on the “birds of a feather flock together” concept. The company will build on “network neighbor” data and social graph theory to significantly boost response rates for advertisers.

“The potential of ‘network neighbor’ data to help marketers to reach affinity groups simply and at scale is significant. I could not resist being part of such a powerful innovation in digital marketing,” Doran, who is moving from Seattle to New York, said in a release.

“This is the right moment for advertisers to learn how to interact with social media to their advantage,” Media6° co-founder David Honig told ADOTAS. “We will be like the cartographers who mapped the early world, refining the borders and boundaries as we learn more.”

Doran joins Media6°’s team just as it begins its commercialization stage.

“We have been operating in something of a stealth mode but announcement brings us out of stealth and into the commercialization stage,” Honig said. “Working directly with advertisers and their agencies, we have begun to sign up ‘Charter Advertisers.’ Approximately 20 brands are beginning to run using the Media6° platform.”

Other members of the technology team and advisory board include Columbia University School of Business Professor of Marketing Dr. Joseph Plummer, who was executive vice president, director of research and insight development for McCann-Erickson WorldGroup; RightMedia founder and former CTO Brian O’Kelley; privacy expert Alan Chapell; and academics such as Drs. Naveen Agnihotri PhD, a neuroscientist and leader in the development of pattern recognition technology and Foster Provost PhD who has done pioneering work regarding the social graph and marketing.

“It would be difficult to imagine someone better positioned to lead a company focused on helping major marketers benefit from the enormous changes seen over the past three years with regard to how consumers use the Internet,” Bob Greene, co-founder of Contour Venture Partners, said in a news release. “From his experience directing strategy and product development across the entire Microsoft Advertising platform Joe has an unparalleled understanding of the online advertising eco-system. Joe is very focused on the opportunities created by the fact that almost 70% of all content online is created by consumers themselves, not by professional editors. Many in the advertising community see this shift in the content paradigm as a challenge. Joe sees it as an enormous opportunity, and one he fully embraces to create value for Fortune 100 advertisers at Media6°.”

Media6° is being funded by Contour Venture Partners, Coriolis Ventures and several angel investors.


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