Microhoo is Dead: Will Yang Hang Too?


foodcut.jpgADOTAS – “We’ve withdrawn the offer and moved on,” Windows Live general manager Brian Hall, sniffed yesterday at a Merrill Lynch technology conference, officially giving Yahoo the corporate hand, CNET reports.

So what does that mean for Yahoo’s chief, Jerry Yang, who played hard-to-get for months, repeatedly spurning Microsoft’s $44.6 billion offer, and then coyly changing his tune just as the fat lady sang and Microsoft walked.

Rumors are swirling that Microsoft may snap up Facebook, MySpace, ValueClick or AOL instead.

According to widespread reports, major Yahoo investors are so angry with Yang’s bungling of the affair, they’re considering anything to lure Microsoft back to the bargaining table – including Yang’s ouster.

Microsoft’s stock was trading at about $29.91, up .71% as of 1:10 p.m. Yahoo’s wasn’t faring as well, trading at $25.40, down about 1.24%.



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