Local Media Sites Show ‘Em How It’s Done


cashmoney.jpgADOTAS – Whatever your reality is in advertising, if you are a believer that online advertising will thrive like the IDC, or if you are feeling the full effects of the recession, one thing many critics and analysts agree on is that local media sites are anticipated to stay safe. Borrell Associates provided paidContent.org with a report that projected a 50% rise to the $13.1 billion it will rake in this year.

The report said that the forecast was made up of over 3,000 local media properties surveyed over the past year. According to the report, the majority of the growth will come from these local media companies selling ads directly for their properties as well as “pure-play” firms  that deliver less expensive ads that targets users as they are searching products. These revenues will peak by 2010, with $21.6 billion.

The article summarizes also that where newspaper sites will have increased revenue, but not without struggle due to their heavy reliance on classified ads, and online directories will stay protected, taking 7.8% of the local online ad spend.


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