Gamer NeoEdge Gets Social


gamer11.jpgADOTAS – Gamers actually stop zapping their foes long enough to engage with an ad — who knew? According to NeoEdge Networks, Inc., a pioneer in the ad-delivery gaming industry, the casual gaming industry is poised to launch and snap up interactive ad dollars – and the company will be there to watch the fireworks, as the largest niche network in the industry with about 40% of the market share.

“We are growing out network exponentially,” Ty Levine, the company’s vice president of marketing, told ADOTAS. “And we’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg. There are about 65 to 90 million casual gamers in the U.S. and about 250 million worldwide.”

The best part of the typical player’s profile? They actually watch ads, Levine said. “One of our brands had a click-through rate of more than 6% and 87% of the people who played the games watched more than half of the spots … 66% watched all of them,” Levine noted. “comScore consider a view to be just three to five seconds. Almost 90% watched almost 15 seconds of the spot. Our advertisers get an entirely new kind of reach and engagement.”

NeoEdge’s advertisers include Proctor and Gamble, Folgers, Ford, A&E, Netflix and Oil of Olay.

Most recently, NeoEdge was selected by social network site PerfSpot to provide an ad-supported games channel for its community of 8 million users. Gamers who want to connect with friends on PerfSpot will also be able to take advantage of the casual games powered by NeoEdge, without leaving the site. The games are supported by brief video advertisements at the beginning, the end and during level advances.

PerfSpot says its already seen higher levels of engagement and traffic with the new games. “The NeoEdge game channel is a natural fit for how PerfSpot users share and stay entertained in their online, digital life,” Hart Cunningham, PerfSpot chief executive officer, said in a released statement. “With the recent addition of free casual games, we are already seeing a higher level of engagement on our site, with a very large segment of our audience making a daily visit to our games channel.”

NeoEdge is also unveiling the NeoEdge Game Channel, which it is hailing as the Web’s first ad-supported game network for online publishers, social networks and bloggers. The premise behind the network is to give publishers of all shapes and sizes a way to tap into the gaming market. NeoEdge offers an ad-supported game widget which it says will encourage stickiness, repeat visits and increase the time spent on the site.


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