Study: Mobile Ads Boost Brand Awareness 19%


compass.jpgADOTAS – Interactive ad-supported mobile gaming company Greystripe just released research conducted by Dynamic Logic measuring the effectiveness of its mobile advertising campaign for “The Golden Compass.”

Survey respondents were separated into “control” and “exposed” groups based on who saw the ads (786 mobile Web users between the ages of 18 and 55). The results showed a significant difference in awareness and interest in the movie among the groups.

Among the findings:

•    Significant increases in awareness of and interest in film — a +19.3 percentage-point increase in awareness of the film’s title
•    Increased interest — exposure resulted in a +9.5 percentage-point increase in interest in seeing the film among overall respondents
•    Intent to see the movie in theaters increased by +14.5 percentage points among respondents ages 18-24
•    Among the overall sample, 35% use their mobile phones for “finding theater and movie times” and 29% “watch movie trailers.”

Greystripe said that the mobile campaign delivered better results than those typically seen for cinema release campaigns online.

“These results demonstrate that Greystripe’s mobile-savvy audience is highly engaged by full screen ads delivered through media on their mobile phones. The mobile phone is an incredibly personal and social digital platform enabling brands to interact deeply with their audience,” Greystripe’s director of advertising sales, Jenny Burrington, said in a release.

Greystripe delivers full-screen ads that are wrapped around mobile games and applications; the ads are served before and after usage and are free on the company’s online / mobile portal and through its AdWRAP Catalog program.


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