St. Ives Launches Online Marketing Initiative


woman_blogs_small.jpgADOTAS – What do women want, anyway? It’s a question that men and marketers have been trying to answer – with varying results – since the dawn of time.

Alberto Culver’s St. Ives is betting they’re looking online for many of their beauty wants and needs. After decades of communicating to women through print, St. Ives is unveiling its first-ever digital marketing initiative to reach savvy female consumers.

St. Ives Elements, a new skincare line, is launching “Get A Happy Face” at which will provide women with portable content. Features include a weather / UVB widget to determine what outfit and how much sunblock to wear, a quick workout guide to help women stay in shape and an “olive you e-card” to express gratitude to loved ones.

The campaign is supported by online banner ads on Yahoo, InStyle, iVillage, etc. as well as print ads in People, Style and Us. Digital content marketing firm, EVB San Francisco, is behind Alberto Culver’s digital initiatives, and in the next two years, the company plans to expand its digital marketing to serve a growing digital audience.

EVB is a digital content marketing agency that specializes in content-driven multi-platform marketing campaigns.


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