ScanScout, Clearspring To Spread Videos Like Viruses


britneysmall.jpgADOTAS – Some online videos (LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!) spread like viruses all by themselves. Others need a little push. ScanScout, a network for brand-safe, relevant online video advertising, is banding together with Clearspring Technologies, a widget-creating, syndication, tracking and monetizing company, to do just that.

The partnership will enable viral distribution of video ads from the ScanScout Network to more than 25 social media platforms. ScanScout cited comScore stats that say nearly 148 million people in the U.S., or 81% of online users, viewed widgets in November of 2007; consequently, marketers who are hoping to ratchet up digital campaigns are increasingly making widgets a bigger part of their ad push.

Clearspring’s tracking methods will enable ScanScout to show advertisers how their widgets are being distributed and engaged on social media sites, including MySpace, Facebook, Google, Yahoo and others.

“This partnership adds tremendous value to advertisers working with ScanScout,” said Hooman Radfar, co-founder and chief executive officer of Clearspring. “It enables easy, viral distribution of ads that consumers appreciate enough to share with their friends. Large numbers of online users are sharing content – including video ads – through the use of our widget network. Our partnership enables ScanScout to provide advertisers an automated way to essentially ‘widgetize’ their video ads bringing broader reach and interest to their message.”


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