New Mobile Video System for Advertisers Launched


mobiletv.jpgADOTAS – Avot Media today announced that it has launched a mobile video system for interactive advertisers called AdVideo. The program is a video-based ad service that engages users by streaming video content to mobile phones (at the customer’s request).

At first glance, their plan looks, er, dubious – I mean who would actually request ads on their phone? A number of people, apparently: a study earlier this year by Starcom USA found that consumers want mobile ads – they just want ads that are relevant to them. And AdVideo is likely providing just that: content can range from movie trailers to product videos and can be accessed when consumers request them with a text message or scan a barcode on a print ad.

“The key differentiating strength in the Avot solution is the integration of dynamic transcoding with a mobile optimized delivery engine as a result AdVideo enables advertisers to communicate their offerings to consumers in real-time using videos targeted toward mobile devices,” DeWayne Nelon, chief executive officer at Avot Media, said in a statement. “By reaching consumers directly at their point of decision, advertisers will have more influence on consumer’s purchase decisions.”

A study released by the Video Publishers consortium found that 80% of viewers have watched a video advertisement online and 52% have either checked out a Web site (31%), searched for more information (22%), gone to a store (15%) or made a purchase because of the ad (12%).

Avot Media specializes in real-time streaming and personalization of video delivery to Web-enabled mobile devices.


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