MySpace Users Can Opt Out of HyperTargeting


target1.jpgADOTAS – MySpace is making participation in its “HyperTargeting” program optional, according to reports. Interactive advertisers would loooooove to access all of the dirt in users’ profiles – the better to target them with – but users ain’t havin’ it.

Essentially, the HyperTargeting program will look at an individual’s likes, interests and dislikes on their public profile and then classify them into various interest-specific categories. Advertisers can then use the info to send MySpace users relevant ads.

In initial tests, the program resulted in a 300% increase in ad clicks.

MySpace has about 200 million registered users worldwide. Most of MySpace’s ad revenue is derived from display and search ads. It’s unclear at this time how users will be offered to opt out of the targeting service, set to be launched in the U.S. first (date TBD).


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