It’s 12:35 PM. Do You Know Where Your DoubleClickers Are?


contagious1.jpgADOTAS – DoubleClick has become a household name so to speak, in the world of online advertising and marketing. But through the better part of the last year, the news coming out surrounding the now infamous “GoogleClick” merger has continuously focused on a critical view of Google, but few have been discussing the goings on in the soon to be acquired advertising firm.

We reported recently on a release that came out stating Google would be laying off about 300 DoubleClick employees and displacing 200 employees by selling their unit. This calculates to 1/3 of the 1,500 current DoubleClick staff that will not be under the “GoogleClick” moniker. So where are those 500 going? What do they know? What else is happening at DoubleClick? What is the real future of this company?

Adotas is looking for these industry professionals to see what they know about the dark-side of the underbelly. If anyone would like to share their knowledge or opinions from the 500 employees being moved around, or any employees staying around, we will keep your identity totally anonymous and will integrate your information in a piece being done about the future plans for the firm. Please email your contact information to if you are interested.



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