Google Trends: Bra-Gate Is Buoying Miley Cyrus


slipnfall.jpgADOTAS – The wildly popular Miley Cyrus (a.k.a. Hannah Montana) is joining the dreaded ranks of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears with her own mini photo-scandal. But the clean-cut popette, while reportedly horrifying parents and fans around the country, has also – unsurprisingly — seen her online profile skyrocket online.

The 15-year-old churchgoing star of Disney’s lucrative “Hannah Montana” franchise has issued apologies for sets of photos in which she flashes her bra, lies on a boy’s lap and appears in a supposedly racy Vanity Fair photo spread. Bra-gate was launched last week when photos of her green bra and the oh-so-comprising lap-sitting incident flashed like wildfire across the net.

The Vanity Fair photos – in which she appears to be topless but is wrapped in a blanket (only her back is exposed) – were shot by uber-photog and no stranger to controversy herself, Annie Liebovitz. Cyrus and Disney quickly issued statements that basically accused the magazine and Liebovitz of manipulating the young, innocent Cyrus.

Will bra-gate cut Cyrus’ budding career short? Too soon to tell. But according to Google Trends, Vanity Fair is the second-most popular search term, miley cyrus vanity fair comes in fourth and Hannah Montana vanity fair trails in fifth place. Three weeks ago, she wasn’t even in the top 100.



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