GoFish Reels in Three Entertainment Sites


fish1.jpgADOTAS – Media network GoFish has been angling to expand its entertainment empire for kids. Today, the company announced that it hooked three youth sites: Urbaniacs, Cookie Jar Entertainment’s Doodlebops and Spider Riders, boosting GoFish’s audience to more than 20 million.

GoFish will be the exclusive interactive advertising partner with the sites and will distribute age-appropriate, blue-chip ads that will support all forms of online advertising, from rich media to video, the company said.

“GoFish has the ability to help us with a targeted advertising strategy, allowing us to focus on meeting our high standards in providing suitable content for our target demographic,” co-founder and Urbanville Mayor, Josh Fisher of Urbaniacs, said in a release. “We expect this partnership to result in high value advertisements, increases in revenue, and new interactive opportunities for our users and brand marketers.”

GoFish specializes in creating, aggregating, distributing and monetizing youth content on its sites and on other sites for which it provides exclusive ad sales services.


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