Forget Clicking: Movies Just a Tap Away


movie2.jpgADOTAS – Phew: no one has to muster up the energy to reach for their mouse and click any more (or heaven forbid, leave the house and hit the theater) … because movies are now just a gentle tap away. Digital entertainment company CinemaNow and mobility software and services company uVuMobile are launching a ad-supported service that will enable consumers to preview movie trailers and order full-length movies to watch on their TV or computer on their mobile phones.

“As Internet-enabled phones rise in popularity, companies need to keep pace with innovation, offering solutions which leverage that feature,” said David Cook, president and COO of CinemaNow. “This partnership with uVuMobile has helped CinemaNow pioneer another first-to-market digital distribution method that we expect will make a tremendous difference in the industry by giving customers access to movies anytime, anywhere.”

Consumers with net access on their phones can preview trailers and/or make a purchase from CinemaNow’s library of 10,000 movies, shows and music videos.
uVuMobile provides back-end media hosting, application development, mobile marketing, messaging, content aggregation, billing, advertising and other services directed towards the mobile business-to-business market.


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