CollegeHumor Advertisers To Fulfill “Stupidest” Dreams


badboy2.jpgADOTAS – Yet another outlet for stupid human tricks is under development. has launched a new interactive advertising strategy that will allow brands to build ties with the sites young, male readers, Reuters reports — and make advertisers look a bit cooler in the process (in theory anyway).

The site is spearheading a new ad model in which advertising sponsors will help members fulfill “their stupidest wish ever.” The concept is still in development, but it’s seen as key to the growth of the site and its parent IAC/InterActiveCorp., which plans to spin off four of its businesses so it can focus on interactive advertising and media, Reuters reports.

Banner ads no longer cut the mustard, CollegeHumor co-founder Ricky Van Veen told Reuters, explaining his site’s new approach to integrating advertisements with a user’s overall experience.

“Now advertisers won’t even talk to you unless you have a great topline idea, something cool,” Van Veen told Reuters. “They use the banners and the rest of the stuff to support the deal.”

CollegeHumor is currently offering a paid summer job for a comedy writer wannabe – sponsored by Virgin Mobile.


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