Chameleons Reach People Where Live Online


influencer_small.jpgADOTAS EXCLUSIVE — Consumers are spending more time online than with TV or any other media, and every day interactive marketers are searching for the right strategy to capitalize on this growing opportunity. And the digital world has opened new lines of communication between advertisers and consumers because the Internet isn’t passive like the mass media of the past. Marketers can actively engage consumers online, so the defining question for marketers becomes, “How do we reach consumers where they live online?”

Make your message relevant

Technology advanced in relevant delivery gives marketers unprecedented access to niche, highly targeted audiences. In order to tap into consumers’ needs and wants, marketers first need to know where their targeted audience is visiting and how they are interacting with different media content. Online tools collect valuable information about how a consumer interacts within their online environment. This interactive data allows marketers to learn not only who is engaged, but how they’re engaged and use the information gathered to send targeted follow-up messages.

User-created actions over user-generated content

Traditional mass media like TV and newspapers required advertisers to deliver a monologue; but online we have the tools to go a step further and engage consumers in a dialogue with relevant messaging. Forward thinking marketers should be facilitating user-created actions, not just user-generated content. Providing consumer’s with an action (i.e. sending an e-mail or SMS to a friend or adding to a social network), enables personal endorsement that aligns the consumer with the message and organically extends the message’s reach.

Allow your message’s delivery to be chameleon-like

Whose recommendations would you trust more than a friend? Marketers now have the tools that allow communicating messages in your audience’s preferred medium:

-Social Networks
-Web sites

The overriding strength in advertising online, is the ability to deliver targeted messages relevant to an individual consumers’ wants and needs. So whether you’re a massive brand or corporation like Nike or McDonald’s or a small independent blog, everyone has the ability to reach a given audience with relevant messaging, in their preferred medium, where they live online.


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