Big Four Will Flourish in Gloomy Ad Environment


greenlight.jpgADOTAS – Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL will emerge from the swampy economic climate with better numbers than they had going in, according to a new report from eMarketer.

When Google reported a 33% growth in net U.S. interactive advertising revenue for the first quarter, it set a high bar for the other three. Google will likely see a 32.1% growth in revenue for all of ’08, eMarketer predicts.

MSN’s ad biz will likely grow 22.4% this year; AOL’s will grow 9.6% and Yahoo brings up the rear with a still-respectable projected 7.9% growth.

“Google is effectively jacking up the averages. Meanwhile, AOL and Yahoo are working hard just to keep up,” says David Hallerman, senior analyst and author of the report, “US Online Advertising: Resilient in a Rough Economy.”


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