Bango Bangs Out Mobile Ad Stats


mobile_revolution_small.jpgADOTAS – Wondering how those click-through and conversion rates for your mobile ad campaign are going? Bango just came out general benchmarking data for mobile advertisers – it collected the data from customers who use Bango Analytics to measure mobile marketing campaigns..

Bango found that banner and text ads on mobile Web sites typically have a click-through rate of 2%-8% with a conversion rate of 2%-5%. Some of the findings are duh-inducing: The data show that when the ad is aligned with the needs of a consumer, the click-through and conversion rates increase, often doubling. Bango customers can determine the characteristics of those who are most receptive to the interactive advertisement, which in turn focuses marketing campaigns.

A Bango customer, AdEye, a mobile marketing company that uses Bluetooth technology to target customers found the analytics helpful:

“We want to understand more about who was clicking through – what network were they on, what device did used, how they responded to the offer, what they did next?” said Tommy Jensen, CEO of AdEye.  “Bango Analytics gives us this level of detail which is incredibly valuable to our clients.”

Another client, Tapatap, a mobile social game site used Bango to calculate mobile advertising conversion rates and acquisition costs per member – the positive results confirmed their instincts to focus on mobile marketing.

“We are using Bango Analytics for a wide range of tasks – one is to audit the traffic we are getting from the various traffic networks we use,” said Andy Riedel, CEO of Tapatap.  “We aggregate traffic from a wide variety of sources and wanted an independent means to ensure that the traffic we receive is what we are paying for. Bango Analytics has proven to be very valuable as an independent auditing tool.”

Mobile Web technology provider Bango created the first global exchange for mobile Web.


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