AdStar Repositions Itself With Relevantis Buy


kitara_acquisition_small.jpgADOTAS – AdStar Inc. today announced that it is acquiring Relevantis in a bid to reposition itself as a full-service supplier of mobile advertising solutions. The deal was an all-stock transaction.

Relevantis’ technology includes its Universal Ad Platform, created to support contextual mobile Web and in-application advertising and the Relevantis Relevancy Engine, a patent-pending system that models user activity and predicts consumer behavior toward relevant interactive advertisements.

AdStar’s Mobile Advertising Dashboard and Relevantis’ ad platform will provide an end-to-end solution for publishers who want to monetize their mobile properties through interactive advertisements.

“We are excited about becoming part of AdStar, and see enormous opportunity to leverage Relevantis’ cutting-edge technologies to expand AdStar into new markets,” Relevantis CEO Scott Searle, who will become senior vice president and chief strategy officer at AdStar, said in a statement. “As AdStar moves forward in the mobile advertising industry, we can offer publishers, advertisers and developers new ways to monetize their mobile content through relevant and integrated advertising, while also improving the customer experience. Relevantis has worked closely with AdStar over the past year, so we are prepared to immediately bring the solutions to market.”


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