ADSDAQ To Boost Ad Reach for Publishers


adsdaq_small.jpgADOTAS – The decades-long, legendary tug-of-war between publishers and advertisers over ad reach will likely never end, but ADSDAQ is hoping to quell the chaos. Contextual advertising company ContextWeb Inc. and operator of the ADSDAQ Exchange is launching a reach-extension program for Web publishers who want to get additional, targeted reach for interactive advertising campaigns.

The Reach Extension Program was designed for publishers to add reach with ADSDAQ’s page-specific targeting to existing ad campaigns and help pitch larger ad programs right away. The program will end inventory holding cost for publishers and is theoretically risk-free since publishers buy on the exchange only when they have a specific need for additional audience and content.

“We have used the Reach Extension Program on a number of occasions and it adds significant value for our publishers and advertisers,” Paul DeBraccio, CEO of, a rep firm for health, travel and healthy-living Web sites, said in a statement. “We are able to fulfill additional advertiser demand by accessing brand-safe inventory on short notice through the Reach Extension Program. This is especially helpful when our normal inventory is sold out, or when advertisers are looking for more reach within specific, targeted categories.”

How it works: publishers bid for specific inventory on the exchange and if it’s available for the price they’re shooting for, they simply purchase and package it with the existing inventory they have for any given ad campaign. ADSDAQ cites eMarketer stats that predict display advertising spending will grow about 21% a year through 2011, but points out that the online user base is spreading itself very thin, making targeting increasingly difficult.

“[T]he online user base is getting highly fragmented as users spend more and more time on the long tail sites.  Publishers such as Forbes and Martha Stewart are combating this user fragmentation by creating their own networks of long tail sites,” Shanthi Sarkar, senior vice president of product management and operations at ContextWeb, Inc., said in a release. “The ADSDAQ Reach Extension program provides an out-of-the-box solution that enables publishers to instantly create their own branded network on the Exchange, without all the cost and effort of building and maintaining their own networks.”

The ADSDAQ Exchange includes more than 400 advertisers and more than 5,000 publishers.


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