AdMob Launches Mobile Analytics Program


free_small.jpgADOTAS – AdMob has launched AdMob Mobile analytics – a free, global solution for interactive advertisers and mobile Web site owners who want to track their results. AdMob’s stance is that mobile advertising is in the same antiquated place the Internet was in when Web site owners had no clue how many visitors they had, where they came from, how long they stayed and what areas they lingered on longest.

AdMob claims that its analytics offerings will be a “tipping point” for advertisers who want to increase their mobile spend but want to see measurable results. With its new offerings, advertisers will be able to measure mobile campaigns (beyond clicks) and publishers will know who their readership is. Oh … and it’s free.

And interestingly, users will be able to track all of their campaigns (not just AdMob-sponsored campaigns).

AdMob servers more than 2.5 billion mobile banner and text ads per month.


  1. The article says “And interestingly, users will be able to track all of their campaigns (not just AdMob-sponsored campaigns).” In our experience, marketers place ads across a number of ad networks so it’s important they get independent stats on what’s working. Are you going to get that independence from one ad network? That’s why the likes of Omniture and Coremetrics have an important role to play in the PC world. We believe the same will happen on mobile. We launched Bango Analytics in February so marketers could track the success of their mobile ad campaigns – – with that independence upmost in our minds.

  2. Sarah is saying EXACTLY what we believe. Mobilytics was built to be a third part impartial campaign tracking tool and mobile web analytics package.

    Our purpose is to monitor and audit those companies that you are paying for advertisments.

    Having adMob do analytics for other campaigns is a little the fox watching the Hen House….

    Greg Harris


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