AdBrite Unfurls New Ad Targeting Exchange


target1.jpgADOTAS – Interactive advertising network AdBrite today announced the launch of its Open Targeting Exchange, an open and competitive marketplace for ad targeting technologies. In a bid to boost effectiveness, the system will leverage multiple targeting methods, algorithms and allow them to compete for the right to match advertisements to publisher Web pages.

“Today, each ad network is built on a single proprietary targeting algorithm,” said Ignacio Fanlo, CEO of AdBrite.  “With the launch of OTX, we’ve opened our platform to create opportunities for, and foster competition among, multiple targeting technology providers.  Publishers will benefit from improving revenue yield, and advertisers will generate better results.”

OTX is an integrated element of AdBrite’s network, so publishers and advertisers benefit from competition among targeting providers. Every time a page is viewed on one of AdBrite’s publisher sites, OTX scans multiple eligible targeting algorithms to determine the most relevant advertisements for the site, user and their geographical location.

“AdBrite’s Open Targeting Exchange fills a significant void in the industry.  Most large ad networks have reach but weak targeting technology, while most technology providers have great targeting but lack reach,” Ajay Sravanapudi, CEO of Lucid Media (formerly Entrieva), said in a statement.  “AdBrite’s OTX exposes over 50,000 sites to leading-edge targeting technology, and allows targeting vendors to profit from doing what they do best.  We’re pleased to be an OTX launch partner.”

AdBrite is reviewing applications from more than a dozen additional partners, and plans to expand the program to include graphical ads and other formats.


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