24/7, Mindset Media Want To Read Your Mind


crystalball1.jpgADOTAS – 24/7 Real Media, Inc. and Mindset Media, LLC are eschewing the crystal ball and teaming up to scientifically deploy psychographic targeting to lure consumers, based on 20 different personality traits (such as assertiveness, self-esteem and spontaneity), to advertisers’ brands.

Brand advertisers have long known that consumers’ states of mind can determine what they buy and what brands they choose, but advertisers have lacked an efficient way to target mass audiences of people with the right psychographics – that’s where Mindset Buys comes in.

“Every brand in the modern market has a psychographic target, and the more competitive the category, the more that target matters on the bottom line,” said Jim Meyer, CEO and co-founder of Mindset Media. “We are very proud to partner with 24/7 Real Media. Together, we make the Internet work harder for brands.”

Each Mindset Buy on 24/7 Real Media can reach millions of U.S. consumers with the same personality trait, on a completely anonymous basis. The 24/7 network reaches 150 million unique viewers each month, across more than 1,500 sites globally.

24/7 Media is a global digital marketing company that focuses on targeting, transparency and ROI. Mindset Media is an interactive advertising network for ad brands. It focuses on fitting brands with targeted personality traits to boost online media buys.


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