YouTube Presents A Wizzard Channel


wizard.jpgADOTAS – Wizzard Software Corp., owner of Wizzard Media, a large podcasting network, announced today it has signed a content licensing and advertising agreement with YouTube. Wizzard’s new YouTube channel will showcase the best videos from the Wizzard Media Network.

Wizzard will have its own brand channel that will enable users to access streaming video podcasts from the Wizzard Media Network. YouTube will run ads against the shows on the channel. The two companies will share ad revenue generated by the streamed podcasts.

Under the agreement, content from the network will be allowed to be incorporated into the Google AdSense Network. Wizard has also opted to share a percentage of these revenues collected with the show’s creators.

SVP of content development at Wizzard Media, Skip Fredericks said, “We are ecstatic to be partnering with YouTube in creating a Wizzard channel. This is a fantastic opportunity for our producers to expand their audience base and for our advertisers to be able to tie into the YouTube universe with targeted programming from the Wizzard Network.”


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