YouTube Now a Giant Test Tube for Marketers


medical_advice_small.jpgADOTAS – YouTube recently announced that it added a new tool for video makers who want to know when, where and how many viewers are watching their creations. Marketers will likely get the most out of the new free tool – called YouTube Insight – according to a report in The New York Times.

Since its inception, basic analytical information has been available to YouTubers, but this brings the data mining to a new, sophisticated level that advertisers are more apt to appreciate.

Interactive advertisers will be able to use YouTube as a kind of test tube for their campaigns: by running several simultaneous ads they will easily be able to see which one gets the most traction and move forward accordingly, the Times reports.

“Effectively, YouTube has become an ad-effectiveness, or an insight-effectiveness, tool,” Tracy Chan, YouTube product manager, told the Times. “YouTube has millions of viewers every single day, and has become the world’s largest focus group.”


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