Yahoo, Microsoft Meet for First Time Since Takeover Bid


tugofwar_small.jpgADOTAS – With all of the cloak and dagger intrigue associated with secret war meetings and shady arms deals, Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp. reportedly met early this week to discuss the software giant’s unsolicited bid.

The meeting was the first since Microsoft’s January 31 offer and Yahoo’s February 11 rejection of the offer, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Yahoo has held possible merger talks with AOL and News Corp., but the discussions never went further than initial chats. Last week, Yahoo extended the deadline for the election of directors to its board – a move that bought the company time and (temporarily) prevented Microsoft from launching a hostile takeover.

Sources “close to the matter” told The Journal that the talks between the two companies were not fruitful and that no further meetings have been scheduled.


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