VoodooVox Give Developers Web Voice, Ad Revenue Model


IphoneADOTAS — In-call ad company VoodooVox today announced the release of MyVox, a free service that allows developers to add voice and audio ads to their Web applications and widgets. Through the new API, any phone can now function as a mic, the company says.

MyVox users will be able to add audio to an abundance of online applications, including: adding voice notes Google maps, recording voiceovers for online slideshows, turning iPhones into recorders and creating customized widgets that allow friends to leave audio messages on their blogs and social network pages.

“Voice represents a new frontier in the Web experience,” said J. Scott Hamilton, president and CEO of VoodooVox. “The MyVox API handles the complexities of the telephony component by capturing the voice of the caller, empowering developers to easily create the next generation of voice-enhanced applications and services. We fully expect MyVox to lead to a proliferation of voice mashup innovation.”

MyVox also gives mobile developers a new revenue stream. All MyVox call volume passes through the VoodooVox In-Call Network Exchange, an audio ad network comprised of over 500 call publishers. The VoodooVox ICNx inserts targeted ad-supported media directly into the call stream, sharing revenue with its call publishers.

VoodooVox’s In-Call Media process involves the targeting insertion of ad-supported audio content directly into the call stream of any type of phone traffic.


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