Viewers Engage With Online Videos (Or Do They?)


internet_tv_small.jpgADOTAS — People who watch television shows online are more engaged in the content – and the interactive advertising – than viewers who plop down in front of the boob tube, a survey conducted by Wi-Fi TV found.

The survey of 17,000 people found that viewers were 25% more engaged in shows they were watching on their computers. Online viewers are also 47% more likely to find ads “useful” than conventional television watchers and more inclined to buy a product they saw advertised in shows on the Internet.

Web TV watchers “only click on an ad if they’re interested in it,” said Darcy Gerberg, a senior fellow at the Columbia Institute of Tele-In-Formation. “That’s more valuable to the advertiser.”

Nearly 136 million Americans, or 75% of Internet users, watch online video, comScore recently reported. A report from Pew Internet & American Life Project entitled Online Video reported that 76% of young adults (age 18-29) consume online video, and that two-thirds of those individuals (67%) then forward those videos on to friends and family, a July study found last year.

But wait! Viewers of online videos on stations like YouTube don’t engage with ads, yet another study issued by found a few weeks ago. Viewers tune out when in-stream advertisements pop up before short videos.

So it seems the time-factor is key: if a viewer knows they only have a two-minute viewing experience ahead of them, they’re going to tune out of the 30-second pop up. But if they’re going to hunker down for 30 minutes or so, they’re more likely to engage with the entire interactive experience – including ads.

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