Verizon Adopts Mobile Social Network Loopt


donottrack_small.jpgADOTAS — Stalker fave Loopt, a mobile social network that can be used to track friends’ geographical locations, is partnering with Verizon Wireless to put its software on select phones next month.

Verizon customers will be able to leverage their phones’ location-based services capabilities to share location information, status messages and geo-tagged photos with their community of friends. Loopt users can follow their friends’ movements via a map displayed on their phones and then share their locations with anyone in their address books or AIM lists.

“Location is the redefining element of mobile communication and the consumer experience. Location interoperability and accessibility is the gateway that extends the reach, value and power of mobile devices for all consumers,” said Sam Altman, chief executive officer and co-founder of Loopt. “In co-operation with Verizon Wireless, we are laying the foundation for mass consumer awareness and adoption of Loopt location-based services with a focus on user privacy and security.”


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