Rumor: Four Companies Vie for Digg


hearing1.jpgADOTAS — Digg this: TechCrunch is reporting that four companies are duking it out over the content-sharing site. Microsoft Inc., Google Inc., and two unidentified media companies are in the ring and rumor has it – a sale may happen shortly.

Of course rumors of Digg’s sale have been floated before and in late 2007 Chief Executive Jay Adelson and founder Kevin Rose hired investment bank Allen & Co., reportedly to sell their company for about $300 million.

But it looks like Digg may not get the full monty this time around. TechCrunch reported that Google will likely bid between $200 million and $225 million and that Microsoft’s bid could be even lower. Digg signed a three-year ad deal with Microsoft last year but an acquisition would likely give the software giant a choice to opt-out of the ad deal.


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