Report: AOL To Slash Ad Sales Staff in Half


performance_landscape_small.jpgADOTAS – AOL’s online advertising sales force may be in for yet another dose of drama.

A brief recap of recent activity: following the AOL-Time Warner merger in 2001, seven people have helmed the post as head of advertising sales. The latest victim, er president, of ad network group Platform-A, is the highly respected Lynda Clarizio, who replaces Curt Viebranz. He last five months.

Clarizio has the experience and the chops to do the job (most recently, she was in charge of AOL’s high-flying According to The Silicon Alley Insider, she will be in charge of integrating recent ad acquisitions into – which was a stand-alone company under Platform-A with its own sales force.

But will she succeed? And how much blood will be let? Rumors and quasi-denials abound!

The integration will likely create redundancies and a tipster told the Insider that half of the AOL sales force will be cut. Clarizio responded to the post and the Insider included it in an update.

It reads (in part) thusly:

“I’ve been in the job less than three days. I held a conference call with all Platform-A employees yesterday morning and laid out for them the opportunity I see in consolidating and integrating this amazing collection of assets. While I haven’t finalized all of my plans about the management team or the go-forward structure of Platform-A just yet, I do believe that it’s critical that we move to one sales force. This is what agencies and advertisers have told us they want. You can be sure that moving quickly is my top priority and I’ve committed to the team that I will have answers for them as soon as next week.”

Stay tuned!

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