Report: Advertisers Should Pour Money Into Sponsored Links’ Coffers


search.jpgADOTAS — Sponsored links disproportionately affect younger web surfers and those who are about to make big changes in their life, according to a BIGresearch analysis. The consumer intelligence firm’s Simultaneous Media Survey showed that 9% of respondent are “greatly influenced” by sponsored links when searching for products online.

Those who are most influenced by sponsored links have an average age of 40.7 – and 62.6% are Caucasian.

Adults who are anticipating major life events in the next six months are more likely to be influenced by sponsored links: starting or having a child start college was the biggest motivator (12.3%), while getting married (7%) and expecting a baby (5.3%) were also significant triggers.

Consumers who are planning to make major purchases within the next six months were also more likely to be influenced by sponsored links. Computer-buyers led the pack (27.3%), followed by TV-buyers (25.7%) and furniture-buyers (23.5%).

“Consumers who are influenced by sponsored links appear to be on a mission due to some event in their lives. As a result, they are self-directed when using media, which is why they prefer digital media options that allow them to get the information they want when they want it,” said Gary Drenik, president of BIGresearch. “Advertisers looking to reach people in the market to buy should look at this consumer segment as an important part of their ad mix.”

Those influenced by sponsored links are most likely to be triggered by magazines to start an online search (52.7%). Coupons (50.8%) and TV Broadcasts (47.5%) round out the top three.


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