Matchpoint Partners With The Wall Street Journal Online


bullseye2.jpgADOTAS — Finance wonks can (temporarily, of course) turn their deal-seeking radar away from the markets and toward their lives at large — thanks to a new online partnership. Online business finder is teaming up with The Wall Street Journal Online so that readers can hunt down competitive business offers and proposals in the Journal’s Careers, Real Estate and Small Business sections.

“We are excited to add Matchpoint as a new online advertising offering for large and small businesses on The Wall Street Journal Online,” said Pat Rodeawald, director of transactional products for “Now these businesses have a way to reach our users who match the profile of their target customers and who are searching for services.”

The agreement also gives an additional interactive advertising platform for businesses who want to reach Journal readers. With Matchpoint’s service, consumers get a private way to describe their needs and get competitive offers; advertisers and businesses get a way a to meet customers that goes way beyond PPC marketing and approaches behavioral targeting in a unique way; and publishers get relevant Matchpoint links within their sites’ content, tapping into fresh revenue streams.

Peter Adams, president of Matchpoint believes the service provides the perfect storm of relevant assistance and lead-generation for users, advertisers and publishers.

“Publishers and businesses are trying to move away from their reliance on Google, but they don’t want to just use banner ads to advertise businesses,” Adams said in an interview. “Publishers really want to help their consumers with useful ads and businesses want to target consumers directly – Matchpoint provides the platform for both of them.”

“The Matchpoint platform gives businesses an opportunity to present consumers with personalized and targeted proposals,” Adams said in a released statement. “Businesses can bid different amounts for the opportunity to be matched with consumers based on how closely a consumer’s needs match the profile of their target customer.”



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