Marchex Spills The Beans On Local Ad Trends


contagious12.jpgADOTAS – Marchex, Inc., a local online ad company and publisher of local content, announced today the release of the new “2008 Perspective on Local Online Advertising and Content.” The 23-page report combines an updated overview of local industry trends with specific tactics for marketers, addressing local online advertising, localized SEO and call tracking.

The report contains contributions from nine members of the Marchex team including chairman and CEI Russell C. Horowitz. Some of the trends identified in the report that are believed will continue the growth in the local market this year and going forward include:

~The adoption rate of online advertising service by small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) will continue to rise, driven by local sales channels such as Yellow Pages providers.

~The demand for call-based advertising services, such as call tracking and pay-per-phone call, will grow.

~National advertisers will expand their focus on local online advertising campaigns and will increasingly utilize local geo-targeting and tactics that encourage and measure offline purchases.

~For consumers, the local search experience will improve, delivering more accurate and actionable results that more effectively connect consumers with local businesses.

~The local market will be less fragmented due to consolidation, innovation, and partnerships.

Chairman and CEO of Marchex Russell C. Horowitz stated “Small- to medium-sized businesses are continuing to drive the growth in local online advertising, and ongoing investment from Yellow Pages companies and other local media will continue to fuel this growth in 2008. In addition, based on direct input from our advertisers, we anticipate that national advertisers and agencies will increasingly focus on local geo-targeted campaigns, particularly as the Local Internet experience for consumers continues to improve and consolidation occurs.”

The complete report is available for free at



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