JupiterResearch Cracks The Mobile Code


texting.jpgADOTAS – JupiterResearch has found that introducing portable media players (PMP’s) with internet browsing capabilities are likely to stimulate significant growth among those accessing wireless web and will create additional opportunities for advertisers, who are expected to spend $2.2 billion on mobile messaging, display ads, and search via mobile technology by the year 2012.

Browsing on mobile devices is anticipated to increase from 16% at the end of 2007 to 19% at the end of 2008. This and other findings were published in a report by JupiterResearch titled “Mobile Internet: Adding Portable Media Players to the Mix to Drive Up Audience Size and Revenue.” It’s a short and catchy title.

The study was completed with mobile ad server AdMob. Also found, was that the majority of page views and advertising impressions on cell phones and portable media players are on a small screen with a mini-browser; however CTR per device are higher for devices with full browsers.

Julie Ask, VP at JupiterResearch and lead author of the report stated “Mobility is adding a time and space dimension to media and advertising that has the potential to drive up CPM’s significantly. We are finding ads with location tags are selling at five to tenfold premiums over basic ads. The ability to tag users with location, demographics, and behavioral data complemented by devices that support rich media to avoid having their role in the advertising value chain made obsolete must continue to push forward.”

David Schatsky, president of JupiterResearch added “New devices such as portable media players available on the market with dramatically improved user interfaces and capable of fully rendering HTML web sites are driving consumer demand for Internet access on portable devices. Carriers should continue to enable consumers by rolling out more devices that look like portable media players at affordable prices – perhaps even as a second device – and continue to break down economic barriers of pricing and application restrictions to consumer adoption.”


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