How’s That Ad Doing? Find Out With New Tracking Tool


justice1.jpgADOTAS — Wonder how your display advertisement is actually performing? Contextual advertising company and operator of the ADSDAQ Exchange, ContextWeb Inc., has launched a new technology platform for media buyers who want to track their interactive advertising campaigns.

The ADSDAQ Exchange Trading Desk will enable buyers to buy more inventory in the better-performing contextual advertising areas and offer to sell underperforming display ads. The new desk can track campaigns outside of its system to, so interactive ad agencies can benchmark their campaign’s performance against 386 other contextual categories of inventory.

A handful of agencies, including Omnicom’s OMD and WPP’s GroupM, are participating in the invitation-only beta program. The desk can be utilized across media buys on portals, ad networks and site-specific buys to break down purchases into content categories and analyze campaign performance within those categories.

“ContextWeb may have found a formula to deliver the best type of insights-ones that are both actionable and because they are standardized to context-repeatable at scale,” said Rob Norman, CEO, GroupM Interaction Worldwide, a division of WPP and one of the program’s beta partners. “The goal of ContextWeb’s ADSDAQ Exchange is to eliminate barriers in this fragmented marketplace so advertisers can buy and sell inventory based on continuous learning and publishers can unlock the true value of their inventory,” said Anand Subramanian, CEO of ContextWeb, Inc. “The ADSDAQ Exchange Agency Trading Desk is a crucial part of making this a reality.”

Clickable and Google are also reportedly developing similar platforms for advertisers.


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