Gigablast Unveils Site Search Tool


girlglass.jpgADOTAS – Stale search results again? Internet search trailblazer Gigablast is trying to clean out the cobwebs online. The company today announced the launch of their Gigablast Site Search with Gigaboost technology.

The company launched its new search engine and Web site a few weeks ago – a study (performed by the company, so the findings should be taken with a grain or 10 of salt) found that 55% of participants preferred Gigablast’s search results over those of Google.

Web site operators can provide free searches to their visitors with Gigablast’s search system. “The most frequent complaint regarding alternative site search services is the freshness of the site search results,” Marcus Ruark, vice president of sales and marketing for Gigablast said. Gigablast “provides a tremendous search advantage to Web sites with dynamic, user-generated content, frequent page updates or regular sales promotions.”

Gigablast was founded in 2000 and it provides natural, algorithmic search services, including consumer Web search, XML Web search feeds, hosted search and customized search software. The new search service is free and available immediately.


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