EU Likely To Give Google/DoubleClick Merger the Green Light


breakdance.jpgADOTAS – Bust out the champagne because the wedding’s on! Google Inc. is finally getting the European Union regulators’ blessing to take over ad firm DoubleClick Inc., according to widespread reports.

The regulators have long been expected to approve the $3.1 billion merger – in January, the European Commission abstained from formally objecting to the deal. Bloomberg is reporting that the takeover will likely go through without conditions – an unyielding response to repeated complaints from Microsoft Corp., which argued that the merger would threaten competition. (Funny, didn’t they buy online ad agency aQuantive for $6 billion in May?)

The deal could go through as early as March 11. If the acquisition pans out, Internet goliath Google’s PPC online ad dominance combined with DoubleClick’s display ad supremacy will create a sprawling Web titan.

The Federal Trade Commission approved the merger in December.


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