“Dream Phone” To Be First Android?


mobiletv.jpgADOTAS – It is being widely reported that HTC has been developing a mobile phone to run on Google’s Android software that will be called “Dream” and will have a large touch screen, not unlike the Apple iPhone. HTC could potentially be the first company to create a mobile phone developed around Android, but Samsung has supposedly been working on its own technology to be the first, a source said to ComputerWorld.

The handset is just over 5” long and 3” wide with a slide or swivel-out keyboard. There have not been official comments made by either of the companies about the proposed “Dream” phone. However the question building around Android and any compatible handsets is if it could actually give the trailblazing iPhone a run for its money.

Andrea Gazzaniga, software development manager at mobile open source vendor Funambol was quoted in internetnews.com to say “iPhone is cool and that’s what’s bringing us all here. With Android the claim is that it will be open and we’re hoping it will overcome the closed nature of current mobile development.”

HTC has been the first firm to publicly acknowledge that it is developing a mobile phone based on the Android system.


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