CBS Launches Local Ad Network


localadssmall.jpgADOTAS – CBS today announced that it is launching its own ad network that will ultimately be a partnership between the company’s local television stations, local bloggers and social media Web sites.

The stations are syndicating local news widgets to blogs and hyper-local sites; the widgets will feature the top local headlines and images with links to video and text stories to the local CBS sites. The widget will include a banner display advertisement.

Owners of the sites that publish the CBS widgets will get a portion of the display advertising revenue. CBS will have an in-house department sell the banner ads. SyndiGO, a division of advertising network Seevast Corp., will recruit and manage the local blogs and social media networking sites will form the core of the ad network.

“The CBS Local Ad Network again positions our stations at the forefront of an unprecedented locally focused venture,” said Jonathan Leess, president and general manager, CBS Television Stations Digital Media Group. “After first setting the standard for local news coverage online, our stations now lead the effort to engage other local sites — and we invite them to share in the revenue. The CBS Local Ad Network also opens up exciting new avenues for our advertising partners to efficiently extend their reach to valued local audiences while associating themselves with our CBS brands and content.”

AT&T, Liberty Mutual Insurance and North Texas Honda Dealers are among the advertisers who have signed on to the advertising network.


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