Burst Media Busts Out Ad Network for “Deciders”


crystal-ball.jpgADOTAS – Interactive advertising gurus Burst Media today launched Burst Life Stages Network, a vertical ad network targeted toward consumers who are in the midst of “important decision-making events in their lives,” the company said.

The network will be comprised of Burst Baby Boomers and Burst Family Builders Networks, with the aim of making behavioral targeting a breeze for advertisers who want to dip into the deep pockets of consumers in these two high-spending categories.

Numerous Web sites across Burst’s networks will run custom ads and rich media ad units, including expandables, in-banner video, interstitials and custom sponsorships.

The Family Builder network reaches 12.2 million unique visitors and delivers 107 million ad impressions a month. The Web sites cover topics ranging from weddings to real estate to financial products.

The Baby Boomer network reaches more than 18.7 million unique visitors and delivers 137 million ad impressions per month. The Web sites cover topics ranging from news to health to careers.


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