Ballmer Vows To Surpass Google


racegallop3.jpgADOTAS – Yesterday, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made the pledge that the company would surpass Google in the online advertising and web search categories if it’s his “last breath” at the company, reports Reuters.

During his talk at Microsoft’s MIX08 online technology conference in Las Vegas, Ballmer spoke about the $41.2 billion offer for Yahoo, saying the strategic buy would improve the firm’s efforts to create a powerful competitor to Google. He said to Guy Kawasaki in a Q&A at the event, “So it may be my last breath at Microsoft, but we’re going to be there, working away, building share.”

He continued to joke “In online, yeah, it’s Google, Google, Google, and we’re in the game. We’re just the little engine that could,” the article continues. Maybe this move would be enough to put Steve Ballmer on the listing of “Fortune’s 25 most powerful people in business”, which incidentally he is not on. Not only is he not on this list as of yet, but his Google “competitors” Larry Page, Sergei Brin and Eric Schmidt share the #4 spot where Microsoft founder Bill Gates took the #7 spot.

In addressing the issue of the Yahoo bid during the interview, Ballmer reportedly did not have much to say about the firm’s $31 a share bid. “We’ve made an offer, and it’s out there, baby.” Included in the discussion of this issue, Ballmer offered that should the deal in fact go through, many duplicated areas of business between the companies would be consolidated, stating “We shouldn’t have two of everything. It won’t make sense to have two search services, two advertising services, two mail services, and we will have to sort some of that through.” At the end of the day this writer is most concerned about what would happen to her Yahoo email account should the deal go through. Where there were three, there will be two.


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